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Who's Who

alphabetical (many more coming soon)

Brombal, Paul A. -- Dealer that carries a variety of New World colonial coins.

Bruce, Colin R., II -- Author of a number of numismatics books covering world coins, Mexican coins and paper money.

Busse, David -- Type collector of columnarios of Mexico and Guatemala.

Calbetó de Grau, Gabriel -- Numismatist and columnario expert, author of Compendio de las Piezas de Ocho Reales.

Craig, Freeman -- Very knowledgeable and experienced numismatist

Clegg, Carl -- Columnario enthusiast and originator of the web site.

Dunigan, Mike -- Colonial Spanish Numismatist

Elizondo, Carlos A. -- Columnario expert and author of Eight Reales and Pesos of the New World.

Gilboy, Frank Firth -- Noted numismatist and columnario expert, author of The Milled Columnarios of Central and South America. 

Gurney, Bob -- A technical numismatist with extensive experience studying counterfeits. An engineer by training; collects mostly Caps and Rays.

Harris, Robert P. -- Author of Pillars and Portraits.

Jara, Carlos -- Collector and specialized numismatist. Along with Johnny Chen setup the first columnario website.

Long, Richard -- Professional Numismatist specializing in Mexican coins and banknotes.

Medina, Jose Toribio -- Now deceased but one of the early reseachers of columnarios and author of several noteworthy tomes.

Ponterio, Rick -- Knowledgeable expert in the area of New World coinage. He and his family (his son Kent is also a numismatist) run a reputable auction house. Their website is

Pradeau, Alberto Francisco -- Scholarly numismatist and author of several books on Mexican coins.

Sedwick, Daniel -- Long-time dealer and numismatist specializing New World coinage -- specializes in cobs following in the tradition of his father, the late Frank Sedwick.

Schuldt, John -- Knowledgeable Collector of Spanish Colonial Coinage.

Sykora, Stefan -- Salvage diver who found a number of 1733 8R columnarios on Coffins Patch off Marathon Florida Keys in the 1980's. Some of his coins are in fabulous condition. 

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