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There are myriad resources available to the collector of columnarios. These include the websites and books listed below. If you would like to suggest and additional resource for our list, please send your suggestions through the link at the bottom of this page.


Leon F McClellan's article entitled Two-bits, Four-bits, Six-bits, Eight...


Bob Schreiner's Spanish Coins on American Notes page at - an informative guide to paper money that uses images from Spanish minted coins (mostly portraits) 

Carl Clegg's (this website) - the definitive resource for columnario enthusiasts

Daniel Sedwick has a website at with heavy focus on cobs

John Chen's and Carlos Jara's Spanish Colonial Pillar Coinage website is a useful resource. It is no longer on-line nor is it updated and maintained. Fortunately, with Carlos Jara's permission we are hosting a copy of that website at our server. Click here:

Ponterio & Associates, Inc have a website located at They frequently consign New World coinage including columnarios. Some very rare and top dollar coins are listed from time to time. Check their "Current Sale".

Books - alphabetical

Adams, Edgar H., 1929, 1974. The Julius Guttag Collection of Latin American Coins, Quarterman Publications, Inc., 527 pages, Call Number FA 10 G8c 1974, available at the ANA library. Dated but good reference; strong points are: minor pieces, lots of illustrations, lots of countermarked and counterpunched coins. This book covers the entire sprectrum of Latin American coins -- only about 5% deals with columnarios; great reference nonetheless.

Bruce, Colin R. II, 1971. Standard Catalog of Mexican Coins, Krause Publications, 352 pages. Lots of good reading and valuable reference; limited to Mexican coins and prices are very dated of course.

Burzio, Humberto F., 1958. Diccionario de la Moneda Hispanoamericano, Fondo Histórico y Bibliográfico, Santiago, Chile, call number FA15 B8d. This is a three book set: Vols. 1, 2, and a book of plates. The ANA Libraray has the first two books only. An excellent reference (all in Spanish) for any student of New World coinage -- including columnarios.

Buttrey, Theodore V., editor, 1973. Coinage of The Americas, The American Numismatic Society, 139 pages. A series of articles written by various numismatists focusing on the development of money in the Americas. The first couple chapters written by Humberto F. Burzio (see above) are of particular interest.

Craig, William D., 1976. Coins of The World 1750-1850, Western Publishing Co. Inc., 478 pages. A bit general for the columnario collector but valuable reference nonetheless.

Calbeto de Grau, Gabriel, 1970. Compendio de las Piezas de Ocho Reales, Ediciones Juan Ponce de Leon, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2 volumes, 734 pages. This book is regarded by many as the definitive guide to eight reales. It catalogs virtually every eight real coin ever minted and is richly illustrated with hundreds of photographs. This book was limited to 1500 copies published and commands several hundred dollars on the resale market.

Dasi, Tomas, 1950. Estudio de los Reales de a Ocho. Valencia, Suc. de Vives Morá. I have only seen one copy of this 5-volume set. Very rare

Elizondo, Carlos A., 1971. Eight Reales and Pesos of the New World, Ideal Litho Service, 237 pages, Second Edition. An affordable reference. 

Gilboy, Frank F., 1999. The Milled Columnarios of Central and South America, Prairie Wind Publishing,  293 pages. Only 500 copies printed. Catalogs all columnarios from 1732 to 1772 from every mint and each denomination from 8 reales down to half reales. Excellent book and highly recommended for any serious columnario collector. 

Harris, Robert P., 1968. Pillars & Portraits, Bonanza Press, 96 pages. Prices are very dated. Useful reference nonetheless.

Krause, Chester L., et al, 2002. Standard Catalog of World Coins: Spain, Portugal, and the New World, Krause Publications, 647 pages. Good modern reference with prices. Does not list all varieties but gives general guidance. Source of the perennial and overrated KM numbers. Nice to have all the New World coins in one book.

Medina, Jose Toribio, 1919. Las monedas coloniales hispano-americanas, Elzevieiana, Santiago, Chile, 406 pages. A very rare book -- said to be a classic. In the ANA Rare Book Collection.

Palmer, Darwin B and Almanzar, Acedo F.,1982. Pillar and Portrait Four Reales of the New World, Almanzar's Coins of the World, San Antonio, Texas, 70 pages, call number FA25 P3 C.1 (can be found in ANA Library). An excellent reference for collectors of the evasive Four Reales series; includes both columnarios and busts, richly illustrated. Lists prices but use for reference only. 

Perez, Gilbert S., 1948. The "DOS MUNDOS" Pillar Dollar, The Philippine Numismatic and Antiquarian Society, Manila, 24 unnumbered pages. Very rare booklet available at the ANA library (call number FA 25 P4 C.1). This book expresses the Philippine connection to the columnario series since the Philippines, Pearl of the Orient, was under Spanish rule.

Pradeau, Alberto Francisco, 1938. Numismatic History of Mexico, Los Angelos. I own a 1978 copy (147 pages plus 24 plates) with annotations and revisions by Clyde Hubbard. Lots of useful data and history. Classic reference. 

Raymond, Wayte, 1939, Second Edition 1964. The Silver Dollars of North and South America, Whitman Publishing Company, Racine, Wisconsin, 125 pages. Dated catalog format book with prices; does not break down series by years or varieties; lots of pictures and a good reference but information is dated and very general.

Yriarte, Jose de, 1955. Catalogo de Los Reales de a Ocho Españoles, Talleres Gráficos, Madrid, 207 pages. This is a rare book (only 995 printed) and considered by many experts as one of the classics on 8 reales. 

If you would like to submit a suggestion for consideration, please contact us.



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