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12-Jan-2017 - still alive and kicking; working on some new projects and hope to add some images and content this year; corrected contact page.

4-dec-2009 - cached copy of legacy pillars site here (this is not my work but a good reference)

3-dec-2009 - moved website to godaddy to save money

1-feb-2009 - updated website.

1-oct-2008 - we now offer authentication services for columnarios, contact as the link at the bottom of the page for more details.

1-jan-2007 - Contact us - We're sorry we had to remove our email address from the website due to excessive spam. If you wish to contact us via email, please click the contact us link at the bottom of this page. We will reply to the email address you enter in the form.

8-may-2003 - began Mexico 4R series here

20-jan-2003 - catalog revamped and reorganized using Gilboy catalog numbering system

1-jan-2003 - opening page features rare 1759 Nuevo Reino 8R columnario

3-oct-2002 - enjoy this article by Leon F McClellan entitled Two-bits, Four-bits, Six-bits, Eight...

13-dec-2001 - added over 70 images to the 8r catalog

18-jun-2001 - added the fakes section and made additional updates

11-jun-2001 - Coin World featured an exclusive article on this website on page 90 (of the 11-jun-2001 issue)

10-apr-2001 - added features on columnarios page and expanded other sections.

22-mar-2001 - Carl Clegg launches, a website dedicated to becoming the definitive resource for collectors of columnarios. Click here if you don't know what columnarios are. 


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